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Essilor Crizal Varilux Clear Progressive Lens

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Sharp vision - At all distances, for any activity

Seamless transitions - From near to far and in-between

Wide fields of vision - To enjoy your environment

Stability of vision in motion - For faster adaptation with fewer distortions

Reduction of Reflection

Backside UV Protection

Easy to Clean

Dust Repellence

Durable Resistance

Harmful Blue Light Filtration 

Double-sided UV protection

Smudge Resistant and Water Repellent

Reduce distracting light reflections

Make your lenses resistant to scratches

Reduces distracting reflections from lights

Protecting your eyes from harmful blue light

Offers full protection against the invisible and often irreversible day-to-day dangers of UV reflection

Repels water & dust and resists to smudges, so your lens stays clear for longer

Handles everyday usage scratches that may result from wiping the lens with the wrong cleaning cloth