About Us

Elegance, authenticity, and class combined together are what defines WowEye. WowEye is an eminent name in the optical industry for vision challenges which is not transformed into a chain of an optical retail store in India. Since its inception, it is standing on an established reputation and continues to evolve with the modern world whilst continuing its ancestral roots. The first brick of our legacy brand was put by Patel Family with an intention to perfect vision. We cater to the eye care and optical need of our customers whilst exhibiting the true essence of luxury sunglasses. The ardor of our founder is what has made it possible to rest on perseverance, loyalty, and prominence.

Today, WowEye is thriving in its third generation and successfully running by the Patel family and expanding wings in the realm of the optical industry. The company is a home for leading brands of luxury eyewear right from the beginning. Catering to a clientele base that expands to global borders, WowEye offers an extensive range of eyeglasses and sunglasses.

We hand-pick a collection of the finest and resplendent eyewear from all the eminent brands. We keep up with the modern technology and fashion of the optical industry, which allows us to present our customers with assertive vision results and keep up the latest with the latest fashion.